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FTS 3.3.x

FTS3 3.3.2


  • [FTS-242] - SLS now requires namespaces
  • [FTS-246] - If hostcert.pem and hostkey.pem are owned by fts3, Globus loads them first
  • [FTS-253] - Checksum errors are *not* recoverable
  • [FTS-256] - Proxy expired should be NON recoverable
  • [FTS-257] - If the connection to the broker go away, should be able to recover
  • [FTS-259] - --proxy is only used for REST
  • [FTS-241] - Transfers executed twice when the node pool changes (Reported by ATLAS, affects all previous releases)
  • [FTS-273] - URL Copy sends two messages for the same file if signals are involved (Reported by ATLAS, affects all previous releases)
  • [FTS-331] - Debug should be disabled by default on the monitoring


  • [FTS-224] - Log by default if the destination file has been deleted or not
  • [FTS-225] - Generate coredump in addition to the backtrace
  • [FTS-243] - Missing fields in the server configuration view
  • [FTS-258] - Log if the error is considered recoverable or not recoverable
  • [FTS-260] - Messages: Timestamp should have milliseconds resolution
  • [FTS-333] - Web monitoring in a separate wsgi process
  • [FTS-334] - Web Mon: Use MySQLdb.cursors.SSCursor to reduce memory footprint

New Feature

  • [FTS-244] - Allow to specify the FTS3 endpoint via an environment variable
  • [FTS-245] - Use gfal2 functionality to pass some extra information to the storages


  • [FTS-248] - Prepare packaging to reduce dependency with Bamboo

FTS3 REST 3.3.3


  • [FTS-208] - Reduce memory consumption
  • [FTS-209] - Avoid updates of t_optimize_active on submission
  • [FTS-212] - In, we are binding from a dicitonary without copying, which has side effects
  • [FTS-261] - REST Client: Context seems to be leaking (Reported by LHCb, affect all previous releases)
  • [FTS-265] - When polling multiple jobs with file fields at once, inner fields are duplicated between jobs (Reported by ATLAS, affects only 3.3.0)
  • [FTS-269] - /jobs/<job-id>/files leaks db connections (Found by Andrea Manzi, affects previous versions of 3.3)
  • [FTS-270] - IntegrityError on submission when another job inserted the same storage pair in t_optimizer_active (Reported by ATLAS, affects latest 3.2.x)


  • [FTS-205] - Allow specifying the priority on submission time
  • [FTS-207] - Improve performance of job listing
  • [FTS-210] - Improve OAuth2 granularity
  • [FTS-211] - Allow time_window to be in minutes as well
  • [FTS-214] - Select the first best replica at submission time via REST
  • [FTS-215] - Forbid submission of multiple replica combined with other types of jobs
  • [FTS-216] - Re-factorize a bit, paying attention to SonarQube output
  • [FTS-222] - Try to reduce job submission latency
  • [FTS-223] - Validate version as part of the packaging

New Feature

  • [FTS-183] - Web interface to use the REST configuration API
  • [FTS-203] - Requested: Allow to specify only a subset of the job's fields
  • [FTS-204] - Add support for urn:ietf:wg:oauth:2.0:oob
  • [FTS-217] - Allow to cancel a single (or set of) file within a job
  • [FTS-218] - Expose if an error is recoverable or not recoverable via REST API
  • [FTS-219] - max_time_in_queue is missing in REST


  • [FTS-248] - Prepare packaging to reduce dependency with Bamboo

FTS 3.2.33

This is mostly a bug-fix release, with particularly important improvements on the REST API.

FTS3 Release Notes

FTS3-Rest Release Notes


FTS 3.2.32

  • Jobs priority can now be set at submission time (via REST only)
  • Activity shares fixes
  • Monitoring using messaging fixes to ensure that no messages are being lost

Detailed release notes:

WebFTS New Release 2.2.2


  • [FTS-206] - File listing is vulnerable to XSS

WebFTS New Release 2.2.1


  • [FTS-189] - Dropbox URL with spaces are not working


  • [FTS-193] - Change Transfer sent label
  • [FTS-194] - Reload Dropbox files when already logged in
  • [FTS-196] - Add a way to remove the dropbox OAUTH credentials
  • [FTS-202] - Use sha512 in WebFTS

WebFTS New Release 2.2.0


  • [FTS-141] - Add Data Management operation
  • [FTS-156] - Change the way folders are open

WebFTS New Release 2.1.0


  • [FTS-154] - Cannot submit jobs in Firefox
  • [FTS-158] - webfts: WebFTS list incorrect meta-data informations for dav listing


  • [FTS-58] - Show which VOMS credentials are initialized for the current proxy
  • [FTS-107] - Integration with CERNBox
  • [FTS-135] - Show Warning when no User certificates are present
  • [FTS-140] - Webfts fails to contact xroot endpoints



FTS 3.2.30

  • Several bug fixes
  • Query optimizations
  • Bring Online increased reliability and performance
  • Added support for Deletion operations
  • Several improvements in the web monitoring
  • Experimental S3 support
  • REST allows now bulk job polling
    • Using comma-separated job ids (i.e /jobs/job1,job2,job3)

It is recommended to also update to CGSI-gSOAP-1.3.7srm-ifce-1.21.4 and gfal2-2.7.8

FTS 3.2.29

#1240    Bring online timeout is not defaulting to 28800
#1241    Make sure that when multiple files are staged, statuses are not mixed
#1244    replace Queued in overview with Submitted
#1252    Duration: 1413464854 in status
#1261    job status is broken

FTS 3.2.27

-Fts_url_copy Receives SIGSEGV Recursively And Consumes A Lot Of CPU

-Can Now Configure Specific Endpoints To Use IPv6, Not The Whole Service

-Fts-Msg-Cron Has Been Removed From The Package "Fts-Msg", No Longer Needed

-Transfer Log Files  Now Show The Correct IP Of The Hosts (Either IPv4 Or IPv6) Involved In A Transfer

-Bring-Online Job Cancellation Take Into Account That A Single Token May Correspond To More Than One File

-Many Monitoring Web-App New Features

-Different Levels Of Transfer Logs Verbosity Are Now Supported

-Report Properly When VO Extensions Have Expired

-Parallel TCP Streams Optimization, Probing From 1-16 Streams

-Print Stacktrace In The Thread That Generated The Signal

-Allow Fixed Number Of Active Transfer S For Links Only

-Allow The User To Specify "Strict Copy", Meaning Just Copy The File Without Stat, Checksumming, Etc

-Enable Delegation Via REST Interface For FTS3 Cli

-Check For Out Of Disk Space Problems And Report Accordingly

-User Dn Publication Configurable In Messaging, Can Be Disabled Or Enabled On Demand

-Pass To Fts_url_copy The Max Number Of Active Transfers For The Given Link

More Details: Https://Svnweb.Cern.Ch/Trac/Fts3/Milestone/FTS3%203.2.27


Important Notes:

1) Mind You Need To Apply First The Database Changes Below (MySql):

SET Storage_engine=INNODB;

alter table t_debug add debug_level  INTEGER DEFAULT 1;

alter table t_optimize add ipv6 VARCHAR(3) CHECK (ipv6 In ('on', 'off'));

alter table t_optimize_active add fixed VARCHAR(3) CHECK (fixed In ('on', 'off'));

alter table t_server_config add show_user_dn VARCHAR(3) CHECK (show_user_dn In ('on', 'off'));

CREATE TABLE t_cloudStorage (
    cloudStorage_name VARCHAR(50) NOT NULL PRIMARY KEY,
    app_key           VARCHAR(255),
    app_secret        VARCHAR(255),
    service_api_url   VARCHAR(1024)

CREATE TABLE t_cloudStorageUser (
    user_dn              VARCHAR(700) NULL,
    vo_name              VARCHAR(100) NULL,
    cloudStorage_name    VARCHAR(36) NOT NULL,
    access_token         VARCHAR(255),
    access_token_secret  VARCHAR(255),
    request_token        VARCHAR(255),
    request_token_secret VARCHAR(255),
    FOREIGN KEY (cloudStorage_name) REFERENCES t_cloudStorage(cloudStorage_name),
    PRIMARY KEY (user_dn, vo_name, cloudStorage_name)

CREATE TABLE t_optimize_streams (
  source_se    VARCHAR(150) NOT NULL,
  dest_se      VARCHAR(150) NOT NULL,  
  nostreams    INTEGER NOT NULL,   
  throughput   FLOAT DEFAULT NULL,
  tested       INTEGER DEFAULT 0,
  CONSTRAINT t_optimize_streams_pk PRIMARY KEY (source_se, dest_se, nostreams),
  CONSTRAINT t_optimize_streams_fk FOREIGN KEY (source_se, dest_se) REFERENCES t_optimize_active (source_se, dest_se) ON DELETE CASCADE

CREATE INDEX t_optimize_streams_datetime ON t_optimize_streams(datetime);
CREATE INDEX t_optimize_streams_throughput ON t_optimize_streams(throughput);
CREATE INDEX t_optimize_streams_tested ON t_optimize_streams(tested);

2) yum update






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