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FTS 3.6.8

Release notes: 


  • [FTS-919] - Permissions on Proxy file are too permissive for the LFC plugin to work
  • [FTS-920] - fts-client help misbehavior
  • [FTS-933] - fts-delegation-init --proxy does not work with just the file name
  • [FTS-935] - Improve some queries in the web monitoring
  • [FTS-945] - 3.6 breaks Dropbox integration

New Feature

  • [FTS-926] - Publish error codes
  • [FTS-929] - DB Clean binary should log progress
  • [FTS-930] - Upgrade script should double check t_hosts before running .sql diff


  • [FTS-937] - improve performance of fts3.6.0 schema diff and provide partial upgrade script


  • [FTS-932] - Drop "database statistics" view
  • [FTS-936] - Reorder group by in getQueuesWithPending to benefit from group by with index
  • [FTS-939] - Log when a message is sent
Production release
EPEL release