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FTS-REST 3.5.2

Release notes: 


  • [FTS-533] - "Fixed" configuration must be adapted to range settings


  • [FTS-526] - Fix serialization of data to JSON in the configuration GUI
  • [FTS-535] - Remove and update fix values from the Configuration GUI
  • [FTS-548] - Failure to submit when a job combines banned and non banned storages
  • [FTS-650] - VO shares must be configurable with JSON
  • [FTS-658] - Most of the tabs on the config UI are not working on C7
  • [FTS-663] - Debug view is broken
  • [FTS-665] - Review fix values view
  • [FTS-687] - Remove max limitation on config UI
  • [FTS-693] - Propagate the verify flag down to requests
  • [FTS-694] - Request class must return the body as a string, not as unicode
  • [FTS-697] - When getting a transfer, check for user if the vo does not match
  • [FTS-714] - Call m2crypto thread initialization methods

New Feature

  • [FTS-417] - Add vo group/role support to cloud credentials


  • [FTS-492] - Add +LegacyDNStringFormat for the fts3rest.config
  • [FTS-406] - fts rest: cancelAll result is "null"
  • [FTS-654] - Change default SSL cipher-suite
  • [FTS-666] - Log message that indicates the authorized VO when a job is submitted
  • [FTS-667] - Disable GridSite session files
  • [FTS-673] - Show user-dn and vo in REST logs for each submission.


  • [FTS-468] - Allow the use of suffixes for 'max_time_in_queue'
  • [FTS-497] - Factor out the configuration parser from fts-rest so it can be reused outside
  • [FTS-630] - 3.5 should be able to run with the old database schema
  • [FTS-636] - Add connection timeout and request timeout options to client context
  • [FTS-610] - Static configuration stored on the DB should be read when creating the user context
  • [FTS-660] - Allow users to select alternative S3 syntax
  • [FTS-664] - Pass HTML validator to config views
  • [FTS-690] - Client should delegate before the proxy has less than one hour.
  • [FTS-713] - Use %{GLOBAL} WSGIApplicationGroup
  • [FTS-715] - Use Python sha1 instead of M2crypto's
Production release
EPEL release