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WebFTS New release 2.0.0

Release notes: 


  • [FTS-126] - Refresh Button is not working for Dropbox
  • [FTS-127] - SelectAll does not activate transfers
  • [FTS-128] - Filter->Hide folders does not work for Dropbox
  • [FTS-130] - SE Autocompletion is broken


  • [FTS-45] - Keep previous state while browsing between tabs
  • [FTS-86] - keep expanded job details when refreshing 'My Jobs'

New Feature

  • [FTS-37] - Suggest possible VOs to the user when delegating
  • [FTS-92] - Warning for about to expire proxy


  • [FTS-50] - Create the interface for Dropbox-like storages
  • [FTS-89] - Multihop job cannot report info on source_se and dest_se
  • [FTS-90] - WebFTS: keep transfer options in case of resubmission
  • [FTS-112] - Integrate the new FTS REST call to retrieve the latest X ( configurable) jobs
  • [FTS-115] - merge CloudStorage branch
  • [FTS-116] - WebFTS packaging
  • [FTS-125] - Merge site tour, new landing page and all Christina work
  • [FTS-129] - WebFTS configuration file
  • [FTS-131] - Create "official" webfts app for dropbox
  • [FTS-132] - Include News Feed on the landing page
Production release